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Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

A medical procedure of using the stem cell to treat a disease or prevent it is called stem cell therapy. Bone marrow and the umbilical cord are some of the sources of the stem cells. The following are some of the benefits of stem cell therapy.

Firstly, stem cell therapy is known for treating orthopedic injuries. The Orthopedic injuries are musculoskeletal injuries that result from joints and bones injuries. The Mesenchymal stem cells are some of the stem cells that are used by many stem cell experts to generate new tissues and cells. Mesenchymal stem cells derived from the bones is the best method of treating orthopedic injuries because the mesenchymal stem cell-derived from fats will reduce the performance of the bone marrow and can result in serious health problems of a patient. Stubborn injuries and chronic pain are usually treated using the orthopedic treatment which is in turn treated through stem cell therapy.

The second importance of stem cell therapy is that it is crucial in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. All the heart and blood vessel disorders are known as the cardiovascular disease. Example of the cardiovascular diseases include thrombosis, coronary heart disease, peripheral artery disease, and rheumatic heart disease. Lack of enough blood can result in inefficient oxygen supply to different body organs and this is the major cause of many cardiovascular diseases. There are several ways in which stem cell therapy is used in treating cardiovascular diseases. Reducing overstretch of cardiac cells, formation of heart muscles and blood vessel repair and faster formation of blood capillaries are some of the methods used by stem cell therapy to treat cardiovascular diseases. The following are methods of cardiovascular disease treatment by stem cell therapy; myoblast, umbilical cord blood cell, and embryonic stem.

Wounds and incision can be treated by using stem cell therapy. When the level of collagen production is improved in the body, wounds on the skin get repaired at a faster rate and in the process new hair also grow fast and incision after surgery.

Fourthly, the benefit of stem cell therapy is that it is an effective way of treating neurodegenerative diseases. These kinds of diseases affects the nerve cells that are found in the brain or affect the general functioning of the nervous system which may lead to the death of the patient. When new stem cells are transplanted into the body of the patient with neurodegenerative disease such as stroke, it helps the affected body organ to generate new tissues, neurons and synapses.

Stem cell therapy can be beneficial in overcoming immune rejection diseases. Immune system is known to sometimes attack and damage organs that produce essential hormones and other secretions like insulin. Ability of the stem cells to differentiate cells help to prevent the destruction of important hormones producing cells.

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