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How To Exterminate Bed Bugs?

Climex lectularius L is commonly known as bed bugs and these pests can live as long as one year as long as they have continuous supply of human blood to feed on. There are surely a lot of species associated in such kind of pests, but among all species, the bed bugs are the only ones which purely depends on the blood of the human in order to live and be able to feed their selves. While the bed bugs are known to suck human blood in order to feed their selves, they can also suck the blood of warm blooded animals including your pets at home and it can be quite alarming if it happens that bed bugs are present in your home. These are small parasites that measure about 3/16th inch long, are flat, and have a reddish color to them. The problem with the bed bugs is that they are so small in size, that most of the time, they already feed on human blood and pet blood without being observed.

Studies have shown that bed bugs have been linked to insomnia, anemia, and even psychological and emotional problems. One of the worst part of getting steadily sucked by bed bugs is the inability to sleep well and it can be a major reason for having a low blood count for the children. Psychological and emotional problems arise due to being affected by the unsightly welts and itching that may remain after bites.

If you are curious as to where the bed bugs stay, then they can be spotted on the bed sheets, on the comforter, inside the pillows, the bed boards and even in the picture frame where no one would ever suspect that a bed bug would reside in it.

If you happen to suspect a specific area where the bed bugs reside, then a bed bug exterminator will tell you to look around that suspected area, that is, if you are going to ask advice from them. If you happen to observe suspected areas for the location of the bed bugs, then you may start observing on the cracks and crevices of the furniture and beds, you may also include the stuffed chairs, sofas and other stuffed furniture where there is a possibility for bed bugs‘ presence. Look for evidence of the bugs through small dark red or brown spots, which can either be blood or bug excrement. Small spots in localized area can definitely be a predetermination of bed bugs presence and it should be exterminated immediately. You can easily ask support and help from a licensed and duly recognized bed bug exterminator if you find it difficult to exterminate the bed bugs all by yourself, even though you have already spotted its location. The Bed Bug Extermination on Cleveland is a service available to cater your infested homes.
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