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State final Exams

Immediately after leaving the faculty building, it was two streets away – a very cute café, and Rozálie was starving. No wonder after today's performance. The waitress brought her a menu and Rozálie read it for a while. She opted for a pancake with vanilla ice cream. And why not: she had a reason to celebrate and a little sugar would benefit her body. At least her brain, which is completely exhausted after the state final master's trials.
Mrs. Magistra
She hasn't told anyone that she's been a master of the city today. She wanted to enjoy it, the feeling of power she had at once. It was a bit unorthodox, but what it was–she did. As the first of the family has a university degree, plus a straight red diploma. It was a long years of hard work, and Rozálie must admit that he had reason to be proud of himself.