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Now ice cream in a new coat

Ice cream

It's just a little warmer outside, the saleers will take us through goodies. Outdoors, you eat in the garden, drink, and rejuvenize with tasty types of ice cream in the cups, which are often a masterpiece.
Ice cream

There is a period of walking out of parents or grandparents with children or with grandchildren for ice cream, dessert, everything you like. The gardens are no longer empty, but people enjoy, relax and enjoy. The patisserie outside will export all kinds of ice cream and it is often worth the queues.
Summer be complimented

All this brings us the summer season and so many people are loved and popular. Outside it lives and the squares are full of people and tourists. They invite you to purchase, the swimming pool is a visit and the most are used by children. For the holidays, they consume a lot of fruit, sweets and also ice cream