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If You Read One Article About Sales, Read This One

Evaluating the Sales Team Holistically

A professional salesperson faces many challenges, among them hitting set targets each quota. Sales people determine what level of success a business shall enjoy. If they do not manage to hit those numbers, then the fate of the entire business is on the line.

Apart from the numbers, you need to measure the success of your sales team using other variables. Those figures are not the only dimension of their existence or purpose. It is important that you look at more than what those numbers tell you when evaluating their performance. This shall help you nurture a stronger and better team in the long run. Sales figures matter a lot, but there is more to it than that. Here are the different ways you can choose to do the evaluation for a more comprehensive understanding.

There is a need to consider the process more than the final outcome. While it is their duty to deliver on those numbers, you need to also focus on how they managed to get them. This is why you need to look at the sales funnel in place. There is a need to know how well your sales reps make use of that sales funnel. You will thus see how they make some of the mistakes they do. It is by understanding how they made those mistakes that you will come to implement the best solutions.
There is a need also to promote the best prospectors. There are few salespeople who like the idea of prospecting out there This also happens to be how they get the clients they need to sell to. You can encourage more prospecting by rewarding those who do it well. This is how you will see more of them doing their best to get more leads, and getting the rest to try it more often.

You should also reward their training initiatives. In most organizations, most of the sales are attributed to a few top salespeople, which leaves too many sales chances on the table from the rest of the team. When you encourage those top performers, to train the rest on how to handle different sales obstacles, more of your sales force shall have more success in the field. The top salespeople shall refresh their skills, and the others shall learn so much useful info to help them close more sales better.

There is also a need to grow the spirit of teamwork. As much as individual performance shall get you rewarded, teamwork shall get you even more rewards form the combined efforts. They need to push each other to do their best. Let them know that there is competition from other companies which they need to worry about more.

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