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Enjoy all the flavors

Would you like to have some light, sweet and cool things in the summer? Then look for the nearest stall with draught ice cream. Try all flavors, from chocolate, vanilla, to those fruity and mixed. Not only does this delicacy fresher you, you will surely enjoy it together with a wafers ' cornice.
Traditional goodness
It's summer, you're heading from the water you've spent a pleasant afternoon, home, and the way you get something to taste. You are sure to have a draught ice cream somewhere at hand, so you don't hesitate for a moment and you will immediately order one of the two usual flavours or scramched. You can choose from small or large size, and sometimes from different wafer cornages. You always know that you enjoy a great taste and that you get a great refreshment. This is why this delicacy has such a long tradition.